Learn How to Catch a Skunk

Catching a skunk is likely a task you never imagined you’d want to learn how to do, but now you’re here, at your wits end, in need of the details. You might need to learn how to catch a skunk for many reasons, but commonly, it is due to a problem with the pest at or near your home. Skunks aren’t our friends, and being sprayed with one isn’t ideal. But, getting rid of the skunk is the only way to ensure this doesn’t occur. So, you need to learn how to catch the pest and how to catch it right, the first time that you try.

You can always call a professional to take care of your skunk problem. Professionals are experienced and have been in a round-up or two with a skunk in the past. There are fees associated with the use of professional services, however, they’re minimal considering the big job at hand. But, if you want to handle the task on your own, these tips should make things a little less of a hassle.

You need a cage, so make sure that you have this before you head out to catch the skunk. Some sort of bait is also helpful, but choose the food that you use wisely, since you might attract other pests instead of the skunk. The cage should be large sized, and placed where the skunk has been spotted already. Most people put something on top of the cage for extra protection and assurance. Use a cage that has swing doors that trap when the kink enters. Check the trap regularly to find out if the skunk has taken your bait!

how to catch a skunk

Catching a skunk is probably not something that you thought you’d be doing, but now that you understand how easy it is, what’s the big deal? It is skunk catching season!

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